Smooth Your Livestock's Scruffy Coat

Add our custom livestock brushes to your competition toolkit

If you want to up your livestock grooming game, HogFather's Secret has the right tools for you. We sell unique, magnetic, custom livestock brushes. A boutique designer handmakes every brush and attaches a magnetic back to each brush. With a unique design, you won't have to worry about your brush getting lost in the competition equipment shuffle.

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The benefits of our magnetic brushes

The benefits of our magnetic brushes

With our magnetic brushes, you can make grooming before a competition easy. Our customers choose our magnetic brushes because they're:

  • Effective-every brush will help your pigs' coats shine
  • Mobile-you can keep your magnetic brushes attached to any metal surface
  • Simple to store-you don't have to worry about losing brushes that stick to your pigs' container
Equipped with our high-quality brushes, you'll be one step closer to competition success. Call 918-617-7229 now to place an order for custom livestock brushes.