About Us

Hogfather's Secret oil actually started years ago. Being an Agriculture Education instructor and a father of eight children showing for almost 20 consecutive years I know how important it is to have great skin and hair in the showring, I also know how expensive it is to accomplish that task. We as a very large family needed to cheapen up our show experience and that was the driving force behind our oil. To be honest we never thought about making our product available to the public, we made some for ourselves and sold some to friends to help them out but this was never on our radar until our youngest twins came home this year from their 8th grade ag class. My teaching partner, who actually teaches our twins told them about SAE's (their ag project) and proficiency awards and they were the ones that convinced us to let it be their SEA project and offer it to the public. The boys named the oil and Gunner actually drew the pig on the bottle. We set a price, not with huge profits in mind but to offer a great product at and affordable price to help 4-H and FFA kids achieve great skin and hair, the true reason we started this whole deal. We love how our oil conditions the skin of our hogs and actually will darken them faster than any product we have ever used. We feel this product will help your family achieve the same results. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you from the Carey crew